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The West Table and Downtown Revitalization

bringing a new culinary experience to the new downtown.

In 2011, the City of Lubbock, alongside the McDougal Corporation, announced plans to revitalize Downtown Lubbock to make it a place where businesses can thrive, to expand living options, to create a new home for the performing arts, and to show the rest of Texas, and America, what makes Lubbock so great.

We are excited to be a part of the efforts to bring new life into Downtown, which is why we chose the historic Pioneer Hotel - now condominums - to be the home of our restauant and upcoming coffee shop. Over the next few years Downtown will be completely transformed into a new, hip, thriving center for businesses and culture. 


We believe our unique culinary experience which offers fresh takes on classic cuisine, in a modern, comfortable dining area, paired with our boutique bar featuring incredible craft cocktails is the perfect fit for the new Downtown Lubbock.


For more information about the plan, click here to read the City Council's plan details.

For information about The Pioneer Condos, including rental availability and pricing, click here.

Video Created by ReagorDykes Auto Group - Used with Permission

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